Change Of Address

Electronic Address Change

Surge Energy is pleased to announce that we are implementing automated Change of Address forms through EnergyLink at no charge to you!


This service has several benefits for you including:
Ease of Use & Integration - Account changes can now be done through your EnergyLink account, where all your historical check detail is available
Avoidance of Mailing Delays - You will not need to sign and mail paper forms
Security - Owner information is encrypted

Registration Link

Please click HERE to be routed to the EnergyLink form.
Please allow 30 days for processing your direct deposit enrollment or change of address once we receive the form. For questions concerning your statement detail, please contact Surge Energy at or call (832) 333-2350.


How do I create an EnergyLink account?
If you are not currently registered on EnergyLink, you will receive a letter with a temporary login along with your check detail for your check payment. Follow the instructions on the letter to create an account with EnergyLink.